Monday, August 02, 2010

Our 8th Anniversary!

Joe and I celebrated our 8th anniversary a few weeks ago!  I can hardly believe it's been that long! I guess time truly does fly when you're having fun! 

    Don and Eve watched the kids for us while we went 
     out for dinner and then stopped by Sport Chalet before
      heading home... Nothing too exciting, but it's always fun 
      to have a night out with Joe!  (a little side note-I'm 32 weeks)


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Wow!! we have a ways to catch up :)

  2. So glad 'Don' and Eve were able to watch the kids...Eve, you never told me what Chloe was doing that was so funny!!!

    Eight years looks good on you guys!

  3. You guys are looking great! And you, Shana at 32! Happy Anniversary to ya...wished Anna and Zane a happy 4th anniversary yesterday! Where does the time fly? I'm scrapbooking Malia's book...from birth to graduation and recently came across pictures of some of the kids at your wedding! They look sooo young...guess 8 years really does make a difference when you're a kid! ha

  4. i soooo remember being at your wedding shana- i remember driving to the rehearsal in somebodys pickup with you all- listening to "your" song- alison krauss- when you say nothing at all=) i ALWAAAAYS think of you & joe everytime i hear it, i can't help it=) your wedding is like 1 of 2 fancy weddings that i've ever been to. i was quite in awe;) congrats luvbirds!!!