Monday, August 30, 2010

Fair Food Night!

I love funnel cake and this year at the fair I decided to get an ice cream cone instead since it was so hot, but I was really missing my funnel cake, so we decided to try and make them at home!  We called Don and Eve, and Juan and Cari (Jim and Alyssa were out of town) and invited them all over for a night of fair food!! We had hot dogs, corn dogs, corn on the cob, and watermelon for dinner, and then the funnel cakes for dessert!  

It was a fun evening, although I forgot to take pictures except for one of this leftover funnel cake!

  A few nights later we used up the rest of the batter   
and enjoyed funnel cakes again! It was my lucky week!

   I think the kids have more fun doctoring them up
  with powdered sugar, syrup, and whipping cream, 
          than they do actually eating them!!

We used our $15.00 yard sale camp stove so we could cook outside since it's such a greasy, hot mess!

Joe did all the cooking!  Notice we don't actually
have a funnel, but a ziplock bag worked great!!


  1. What a fun "theme night"....Fair Food. Never made Funnel Cakes but thats pretty cool. Looks like it turned out just great even outside on cookstove (less mess) and with a zip-loc baggie...pretty ingenious! :-)

  2. this is AWWWESOME shana! what a fab idea!