Thursday, July 01, 2010

Our Pool...

This was our pool last summer... Looks fine on the outside, but the bottom was chipping up and the tile was a most lovely shade of brown with water lines all over, so we decided to get it redone!

The first step: Draining and sandblasting the old finish off

 This all sounds like a good idea untill you're waiting and looking at this big hole in your yard as the temperature rises!

Next they plastered and put in a Caribbean shelf (just an extended step)

Then the tile

Finally looking like we might actually swim in it sometime soon!

Yay! Water goes in!!

It took a day and a half to fill and was done a day before the kids party!

Almost done!

Now that it's done it was totally worth it!!!


  1. Looks very nice and feel much better with the fence that Chloe swimming and has Eli tried to take anymore 'dips' in the pool?

  2. I agree with grammy, glad for the fence and what a great pool. I love the carribean (sp?) shelf.

  3. That is so neat...lots of work and money to have it all redone, but so worth it!!! Bet you're glad you did it. So, was the fence down just while they redid the pool? So, I'm assuming it is back up again. With our 100+ days lately our pool today is 85 degrees and the lake is 83 degrees! It's so nice to just climb right in!