Monday, June 28, 2010

The Garden Now...

The garden is growing like crazy which I guess is the nature of plants, but it still amazes me every year! 

Chloe wanted to plant some flowers so we got a flat of 
snapdragons and a few marigolds to put in a bare spot we 
had in the garden.  I love how they brighten the garden!

We planted a tomatillo plant and I love the way the plants look like hanging lanterns!

Chloe also planted some sunflowers... 
This is now a foot over the top of the fence!


  1. Your garden is amazing.

  2. Love your garden and you have the perfect spot for is so neat to be able to watch it grow and neat for the kiddos too. Love the addition of the flowers too. You can learn some spiritual lessons from your garden also!

  3. Wish I could grow some tomatoes and zucchini like you! What are you going to do with the tomatillos? Frankly, I've never eaten them unless they've been in a Mexican dish and I didn't know it!

  4. and I my dear, am JEALOUS of your vaeggies, ours are meager to say the least. . we'll see if we even get a harvest! :)