Saturday, June 05, 2010

Bend Trip in May

About a month ago we took a trip to Bend!  The weather was great, which was nice, and the kids had a great time riding on the 4-wheeler and feeding the mules with anyone that would take them!! 

Here Grandpa takes Eli, Chloe and Lincoln for a spin!

They were having so much fun we could hear 
them laughing hysterically with each other!

Another day, a different driver!!

Grizzly leading the way!

Hi Mom!!

Mom and I took the kids to a park that 
Sean and I used to go to as kids!  Everything
was nice and new but they kept the big old
boat, and gave it a new paint job!!

Chloe and Eli loved it as much as we did!!

Queen of the world!!

Eli and Lincoln having a tea party! :)
The big boys got to play too!
Grandpa keeping the little boys out of danger!

Eli and Lincoln loved playing with the Tonka trucks

And the John Deere tractor! (They are watching their Daddies shoot!)

Playing on the 4-wheeler without a driver... Well, Lincoln
was driving and Eli wanted to!

So I stepped in and took them for another ride!! Look at those happy faces... Theirs- not mine! :)

It was a beautiful evening!!

Eli playing with little Westley!

He's such a cutie pie!

Chloe making him smile!

Kisses from cousin Chloe!

The kids playing with Grandpa!

Need a few minutes of peace in the car- Lollipops will do the trick!!

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  1. Love seeing all these pictures and the updates...they have been few and far between...yes, I know, with all your spare time! LOL :-) Wait'll # 3 comes along! Also love seeing my sis and all the kids. Wow, they are really growing up! Just amazing when you haven't seen them in awhile how big they are getting.