Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Camping at Seacliff

Right after the kids birthday party we had a camping trip to go on, which isn't the best way to do things, since it takes a lot to do a party and to pack for a camping trip! When you're trying to do both in the same week it makes things kinda crazy! We made it though on Monday evening to our camping destination and were greeted by Jim, Alyssa, and the twins who had made it there a few hours earlier than us!

This was the first time we've stayed in our trailer other than at convention, and we had a great time!  The weather was a little cooler than we had planned on, so the mornings and evenings were a little chilly, but next time (and we are planning on a next time) we will be better prepared!
The first day playing on the beach!

The kids loved playing in someone's big hole in the sand!

Chloe leaping into the hole!

Elijah sliding down the hole!

Enjoying the beach!

Chloe loved going down to the waves whenever she could!

Joe and his little mini-me!  We didn't realize how much they matched until looking at the pictures! :)
Elijah was having so much fun flying a kite here!

Eli was very distraught when the kite went flying and out of reach!
Joe made a valiant effort to catch it racing across the sand and even 
diving for it before it went past the rocks and into one of the houses 
backyard, but he still missed it! Was so funny to watch though!!

Eli playing on the umbrella... Not quite as graceful as his cousin...

Mia doing a little Cirque de soleil for us!

Racing from the waves!

The boys throwing rocks!

Tired little Lijah!

    Sweet picture of Chloe and Joe!

We went to Monterey one day where the kids had a great time at the Aquarium!

Family picture outside the Aquarium

     Cute kids in the clam!!

They have a children's area which the kids loved... Tunnels, fish, and stuff to play on all their size and level!

    Back at out campsite... I thought it was so cute of Chloe and the boys!

This walkway ran right in front of our campsite, which was fun for the kids to play on, but it was a pretty well traveled path by locals and other campers...  And Chloe being Chloe, would ask almost everyone what their name was, or (if they had a dog) what their dog's name was and so we met quite a few people because of our extremely extroverted daughter!! It was really quite funny!

    I love this picture!!! Chloe and Luke were
    having fun holding hands and running around...
    Notice the shadows in this picture- Love it!!!

     Elijah and Mia running too!

The boys LOVED playing with their trucks!

    We took a walk to the pier with the kids

There is this big old boat at the end of the pier... Chloe called it the birds boat because it was covered in birds! You can read more about it here.

   Stroller races!

She may be little but Mia was pushing Chloe!

    At the Santa Cruz Boardwalk riding the carousel!

     Yummy cotton candy!

Their first ride by themselves!! Elijah was a little worried at first but once they got going he had a blast!

    The kids went "fishing" and won these hammers!!

All 4 kids on the boat ride!

    The S.S. Corndog! 

A bunch of cute boaters!

    Taking an ice cream break!

Yummy soft serve!

    This was their favorite ride... They rode it three times!!
     Elijah loved ringing the bell!!!

Driving the cars was fun too once they figured out how to honk the horn!!

   And now driving a big rig!

Hi Mom!

    Boats again!

Back to the beach!

Such a cutie with his pail and rake!

   Chloe enjoying the waves again!

We had S'mores almost every night!

    Chloe loves making them, eats about three bites, and then 
    gives the rest to Joe!

Uncle Jimmy and Luke

    You've heard of the Cookie Monster, but have you
    heard of the Marshmallow Monster!! :)

The official marshmallow roaster!

    Enjoying the evening campfire!

The last day we were there it finally warmed up!! 

    Eating lunch in the warm sunshine!

Since it was sunny Chloe wanted to wear my sunglasses! 
Our own little starlet!

    We got another kite!

Both kids playing in the waves with Joe!

    There were dolphins, seals, and pelicans right in front of 
     us the whole week!  So much fun to watch!

Blowing bubbles in the sand...not exactly the best idea, but fun while it lasted!

    My turn with the kids!

Me and my little boy!

    Loving the beach!

Eli warming up!

    They loved playing in the sand!

Feet in the sand and waves

    It must be nice to not worry about how much sand is getting
    all over your body or how you're going to clean it off!!

Making a sand fish!

    Some more S'mores!

View from our front door!

   Scary marshmallow man!

   We both look tired in this one!

Pictures never capture how beautiful the moon is! It was gigantic and awesome, but this is all I got!

     It was a beautiful evening

The kids fell asleep early so we were enjoying the peace and quiet, and an evening at the beach!

    Getting ready to go!

Daddy's little helpers!

Such a fun trip! 


  1. Oh how fun! Brings back so many childhood memories. The beach I grew up on, the cement ship, the boardwalk... makes me home sick. Glad you guys had fun.

  2. It just looks like it was so much fun. I want to go next year! :)

  3. Wow..you included so many pictures (which I loved seeing all of 'em)...it looks like you had a great time and you captured it so nicely with all your pictures. You'll never be sorry for keeping such a neat documention of your special days and special times as the kids grow up. Been thinking lately about the ocean when us 8 Bentz kids gather on the Oregon Coast this next October...looking forward to it.

  4. you guys have the BEST family adventures!!! it's inspiring actually. =-) looks like a realllllly great time- even if it wasn't quite as warm as you'd hoped it might be. camping on the beach sounds like so much fun=) & the view is perfection!