Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Combined Birthday Parties!!

I decided to combine Chloe and Elijah's birthdays this year, which I plan on doing as long as they will let me!! I had wanted to do a Circus themed party, but Chloe insisted on Fancy Nancy, (I didn't take too much convincing since I love her too!) and we did a Handy Manny theme for Elijah.  

 One of my favorite parts of planning their parties is coming up with the cakes!  It was a little tricky (meaning it took even MORE time) having two cakes done on the same day!!

Here is Chloe's Fancy Nancy cake... She loved it and 
would tell people that it was lavender and fuchsia (not 
purple and pink) just like Fancy Nancy would!

I made a little tool box for Elijah's cake and used the tools from one of his Handy Manny toys (less work for me!).

I actually made his "cake" out of rice krispy treats to 
cut down on time and for a little extra stability!

Chloe and her friend Abby

Elijah kept wanting to play with the tools... since he usually can!

Singing the birthday song to himself!

A 4 year old and a 2 year old!!!

Blowing out the candles... Her favorite!

Clapping for himself for blowing out his candles!!

Playing in and around the pool

Birthday boy!

Having fun in the pool!

Hanging out on the step... His favorite spot!

Mia doing a little coloring!

Luke doing a little splashing!

A little cake and ice cream eating!

Aiden Hanging out by the pool

The boys playing catch.

Totally tuckered out kids after a fun day of partying!!


  1. Happy belated birthday to the kiddos! I was lucky with our kids to be able to celebrate them together also...Anna & Derek had June 8 & 12th it just made sense to do it that way all the way until they were teenagers! ha And of course, Daniel & Malia being was great! You do such a GREAT job on those cakes. Isn't that fondant neat stuff? We just had our girls, Tamara W. and Sara A. for a few days, Tamara's birthday yesterday so we celebrated after their g.meeting last night! fun fun!

  2. Meaning you were up till 4:30 a.m. finishing the cakes! But they were sure impressive, plus they tasted great, too!