Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Workin' at the Carwash!

The kids had fun "helping" Joe wash the Suburban!  What's not to love... Water, soap, sponge, and a hose!!  Everything my kids love!

Just like Dad!

Making sure that tire gets clean!


  1. So cute! Elijah looks like he's really getting into it!

  2. That is great...sooooo cute...just keep 'em loving it all the way until they are grown-up! ha ha. I have some that LOVE clean cars and others not so much! I like that you're keeping up on such sweet pictures of the kids.

  3. Shana, regarding your post on my Blog...actually, how do you do a little video on a blog...I think I tried one a long time ago and it would NOT for hours and hours...does that mean it was to BIG of a file (video) or what. Because I see other people do little videos and I always wonder now "how did they do that"?

  4. cute. i remember doing this when i was little=-)