Monday, July 26, 2010

4th of July Weekend

We were at Camanche, which is where we usually spend a fun 4th relaxing, enjoying the water, and spending time on the boat! This year was no different!!

     Joe and Elijah sitting on the back of the boat!

Scarlett playing in the water

    Chloe swimming

A bathing beauty!

    Mia and Eli playing on the jet skis

Chloe and Scarlett on the other one!

    Luke was so funny... He didn't want to be in the 
    picture so he was laying down beside Mia and Eli!

A little veging out for the little ones!

    All the kids playing on the grass!

Sweet boy!

    He was being so cute and photogenic!

     The big girls playing together

Auntie Alyssa playing Duck-duck-goose with the kids!

    They thought it was great fun, although they didn't
      really understand how to play and they all  just
      ran around tagging each other yelling goose!

Family picture on our evening boat ride

     Loving the boat ride!

So fun!

     Alyssa and the twins

The whole crew in the front of the boat!

    Annual 4th of July photo of the cousins!

Uncle Juan takes Scarlett, Chloe, and Eli for a canoe ride

    Tired boy!

Watching Auntie Cole wakeboard.

     My cute little boat babies!

So cute!

    Woo Hoo Auntie Cole!

Uncle Juan played a trick on us and put a speedo on under 
his regular shorts giving us all a great laugh!!! 
Now we're playing a trick on him by posting this picture! :)

    Looks good Uncle Juan!

Not bad for a guy in a speedo!

     I decided to try skiing almost 31 weeks pregnant.
      My balance was a little off (duh!) so it took two 
      tries for me to get up!  But once I was up it was 
      no problem!

Sweet little flag boy!

    There you can tell I'm pregnant... In the skiing picture
    I just look big! :)

The other boat!

      Joe's first pull of the season!

A picture from the other boat of Uncle Jimmy wakeboarding

So tired!

    More sleepy kids!

Some patriotic cupcakes!

   Chloe thought she was a hula girl!

Eli sleeping again!  The only way I could get him to wear these sunglasses!

          Sweet sleepy boy!

Me and Chloe on the tube!

     Papa close by on the jet ski

Nana too!

    Chloe was cracking me up!  First she said that these 
     waves weren't big enough, and then she saw another
      boat zooming by and said that she wanted to go fast
       like *that* boat!!

It actually got a little bumpy and uncomfortable for me so 
Auntie Cole took a turn with Chloe!

     Joe ferrying Nicole and Chloe to shore!

Back at home checking out the fire works!

     Goofy kids NOT posing for a picture for me!


     Waiting for the big fire works!

Oooo  Ahhhh!

    Having fun watching fire works!

Back at home watching the home show!

     Shauna and Chris joined us!

Nicole, Cari, and Scarlett

    Juan playing with sparklers!


     Chloe LOVES this day and fireworks!!

Another happy 4th of July!!


  1. What great pictures! Looks like so much fun. Can't believe how big everyone is getting. They probably just enjoy each other more and more.

    Thanks for sharing! Miss you guys!

  2. Wow...happy to see all the pictures. Looks like you had a great fourth!!! Everyone looks like they had a grand time and I'm surprised you skied...I'm sure you didn't try any flips and just stayed "mellow" out there. The kids are so cute and loved their little 4th of July colors and matching outfits. Thanks!

  3. Adorable pictures of the CUTE! Makes me want to give them a BIG squeeze! Love them all but especially the ones of Lijers with his flip-flops (he looks like such a big boy) and Chloe in all her swim suits/boating gear/4th of July outfits. Miss them but hope to see them in just a few short weeks!

    Juan is so PRECIOUS, too! Love those legs & moves!

  4. shana- this post is so great! looks like an uh-mazing time. love to see chloe enjoying her favorite holiday, that's so awesome;-) juan totally stole the show- was cracking uP! can't believe your skiied- you are so brave! i can only imagine how uncomfy a tube ride must be at 31-weeks. lol i was having a phantom tummy ache for you just thinking about it! misssss these lake days over the 4th.... what fun!

  5. YOu guys are always doing fun things! Such good memories for the kiddos and it is so special there are so many young ones to grow up together!