Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Trip to Palm Springs!

The beginning of April we took a trip to Palm Springs with Don and Eve.  While the weather wasn't quite as hot as I had been hoping for, (I like it hot!) it was much better then the rain we had been having back home!! Juan and Cari and the girls were in San Diego the same week, so they came over for a day.  The kids had fun playing together!

Eli and Savannah playing together... As a side note, I love the way Elijah says Savannah!

This is where Chloe and Scarlett spent most of their time!

We also went to the Living Desert, which is a zoo of sorts!

They had a little petting zoo area, which Elijah loved!

Chloe petting a goat

Eli's turn

Long day for a little boy!

My little cuties!!

Having fun with Daddy!

Chloe's favorite game!!

Elijah wasn't quite as sure about everything!

Cold and wanting to be held!

Oh, I'm actually okay!

Trying on his goggles!

The best picture I could get of them Easter morning!

Looking for Easter eggs!

Daddy helping them out!


Digging in!

More swimming!

My goofy girl!

Swimming with Nana!

She loves her goggles!

Family picture in the pool!
This was the day we felt the earthquake down in Mexico,
but very near the border!  It was the first earthquake I've
experienced and it was pretty exciting!

We went to a nearby park to fly kites!

Elijah getting tangled up in the string!!!

Chloe having fun trying to get the kite up in the air!

Eli not sure what he's doing...

Yay! Flying a kite, finally!

The whole gang!

Chloe on the merry-go-round!

Eli liked these little spinners

And he always likes these rocking toys!

On our way home!!! Conked out listening to her books/music!

A happy boy for the most part!!
A fun trip and one we look forward to doing again!


  1. That playground looks like a super-safe, brand-new, ergonomically and politically correct playground. what fun is a merri-go-round if there isn't anything to drag you underneath it or amputate an arm? no fun. =)

    Still can't see you in those photos though...

  2. WOW! I just saw at the bottom of your blog that your expecting #3! Congratulations! I enjoyed all your photos- your kids are so cute!