Monday, May 03, 2010

Trip to Bend in March

Way back in March, almost two months ago we took a quick trip to Bend.  We went out to the farm to look at the baby calves, and then the highlight of course, was the tractors!!

Elijah loves to drive anything, but a tractor is especially fun!!

He promptly found the keys and then dropped them waaaaaay back behind the seat!!

Chloe testing out the old tractor!

Me and the kids playing

We got to spend some time with sweet, sweet Westley!

Uncle Seany and Lincoln too!

The cousins piled on the riding lawn mower! I don't think
Chloe was bopping Lincoln on the head with the stick
since I was right there, but it sure looks like it in the picture!! :)

Joe and Lincoln hanging out together!

Chloe and Elijah taking a spin with Grammy!

They love getting rides on the 4-Wheeler!
 Another fun trip to Bend, and we're heading back soon!


  1. Well, it's about time! Thanks for posting all the cute pictures of the kids. Looking forward to seeing you all next week.

  2. Yay, I'm glad you're posting again! How about some photos of yourself and #3???