Thursday, January 21, 2010

The High Desert Museum!

For some reason we have never made it to the High Desert Museum in the many times we have been home, but this time we made it and had so much fun we plan on going back again... Maybe when the weather is a little warmer! The museum has a bunch of exhibits showing the history, art, and animals found in the high desert area.  This was the place that everyone goes for their 1st grade field trip... maybe it's for 2nd grade-I can't seem to remember, but I remember going here quite a bit when we were kids and loving it!  The animals are of course the best, but unfortunately for us the otter exhibit was under construction.

What are they looking at?

Oh, a rattlesnake!!

They have a little play area and Eli went running
up to the tractor... but it's just painted on the wall!

Chloe running around!

A fun little slide!

Looks like shes up in an eagles nest!

Uncle Seany showing them how to work the canon!!

The little ones checking things out!

In a mine!

What kind of service do they have around here?

Family Picture!

Who knew it was so much fun to ride the fence?

All the kids wanted a turn!

It was pretty cold outside!  Lucky for Eli Auntie Kyky got him a snuggy hat for Christmas!

Checking out the fish!

and the chickens! 

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