Friday, January 08, 2010

Christmas Eve!

The whole crew went over to Nana and Papa's for Christmas Eve... Here are some of the kids sitting on the piles of presents!

 Santa paid a visit this year!!

Chloe and Scarlett were amazed and SO excited!! The younger ones were not as impressed!! Luke and Mia screamed and Eli wouldn't leave my side!  Pretty funny!

When asked if they had been naughty or nice,
tattletale Chloe pointed at her cousin and
said that Scarlet had been naughty!!! 

Hugging Santa

Waving bye-bye to Santa!!

 Opening presents!
Craft/Stamp supplies! 

Nana and the grandkids!

Mia, Jim, Alyssa, and Luke

Chloe, Joe, Me, and Eli

Scarlett, Juan, Savannah, and Cari... Savannah wanted her Mama!!

The girls dressed up and playing around!

Doesn't he look adorable!! He reminds me of Clank on Tinkerbell! :) 

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  1. That was hysterical when santa came out! Maybe next year the little ones wont be so terrified!