Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Morning!

We had a really relaxing Christmas morning... The kids are still young enough that they don't know to wake up at the crack of dawn to get their presents!!

Here is Elijah on his new tricycle, which he is too small for!! His feet don't reach the pedals,  but I'm sure they will soon enough!

We got a table and chairs for Chloe, so here she is trying it out!

Sister helping brother out!

So excited!!

Eating a yummy breakfast made by Daddy!!

Chloe playing with one of Elijah's toys! 

Opening her stocking!

Brother opening his stocking too!

Trying out her jump rope!

So much fun!

Chloe helping Elijah out!!
Weee! This is fun!

Both of the kids LOVED the workbench!
Sawing a piece of wood!

Tons of things to screw in!
Moving on to the princess castle!

It even has a carriage!

Brother liked this one too!

Playing with her tea set!

It was a really fun morning!!!


  1. If you sctrews wood blocks onto the pedals your little guy can reach it. We had the same one and did that for Isaac until his pudgy little legs were long enough. It looks like you had a blast.

  2. Shana, yes you can save the idea from my site My Mix of Six! Thanks for asking!

  3. What an awesome Christmas morning. And I NEDDED to see pictures of my grandbabies. :)