Friday, November 05, 2010

The last of September...

Well, before I could even finish September, October has come and gone so I've definitely got some catching up to do!!!

Sammy getting a bath

My trusty helpers!!

He loves getting a bath and just seems to relax and enjoy the warm water!

Not a big fan of getting out of the bath!!

The big kids reading books together

Elijah has really started to enjoy looking at books lately!

It cracked me up how Sammy would sleep like this- all sprawled out!

We had some nice weather so Joe heated the hot tub up just a bit so the kids could have one last swim!

Looking cute in his goggles!

Chloe and her Daddy!

Last swim of the year!


  1. Great pictures to see your sweet growing kids. They're just adorable. Sammy is so sweet in the tub...and the kids in the pool. We've had some hot days (even though we missed them while in OR) but our pool is still too cold to go in...the hottub works though to heat just a bit to take the chill off! Cute of the kids in their swim goggles. btw, the pictures of our OR trip are better sized now. I got them all uploaded and then I tried to make them smaller and the computer (its old) refused to do another thing. So I had to wait until today:( Then there are some doubles but when I tried to remove ONE of them they BOTH went away. grrrrrrrrrrrr
    We waved when we went by Elk Grove coming home :-)

  2. shana banana! i was wondering when you were going to update us=) hee hee. not that you're a busy mom of three or anything... haaa... love to see all the progress lil sammy is making and all the going-on's at the 'burg household! looks like some pretty sweet days....=) ps isn't that rare for babies to like bath time!? i thought all babies cried especially when they are that small! wow!! that's awesome he enjoys taking it all in

  3. I love that your kids are such waterbugs!!
    I found my baskets (1/2 off) at Joann Fabrics. I think the brand is Organizing Essentials?

  4. Cute pictures of the kidlets! It sure is nice to see Chloe and Lijah reading together! Wish my knee was a little better b/c I would have flown down with Brynna yesterday!!! Sammy is growing up before our eyes! Love the bath time pictures and the pic of him with his arms sprawled out looking QUITE relaxed!!