Monday, November 15, 2010

Daddy went a-hunting!

Remember, this all happened about a month ago since I'm still playing catch-up!

My sweet boy, Sammy with a death grip on his binky!  He went to the doctor for his 6 week check-up (we did it a little earlier than the typical 2 month appointment since he's around so many kids) and he weighed 10lbs 12 oz and was 24 inches long... Definitely a growing boy!

We were making a cake for Nana's birthday! 

Nana with all her grandkids!  That's a lot of candle blower-outers!

This is how Sammy looks just before he really starts crying... Legs rigid and arms going up and down!!

This is what Sammy is subjected to a lot of the time! Lots of love and attention!

While Joe was gone hunting Antelope with my Dad, Mom flew down for a quick couple of days!  While she was here we went to the pumpkin patch with Scarlett and Savannah!

My little monster must have been dreaming of something nice!

Chloe having fun!

Grammy, Eli, and Chloe playing on the "train"

Elijah saying "hi" to the goats!

Chloe feeding the goats

Eli loves animals!

Eli picking out his pumpkin!

That one!

Helping pick out a good one!

Grammy getting ready to leave gets some smiles from Sammy!

First smiles I got on camera!

Aww! So cute (both of them!)

On another day we went to Fairy Tale Town with my friend Stefanie and her little boy Aiden!


Checking out the sheep

Meanwhile Joe and Dad were off hunting...

Pretty spot

Yay!! He got one!

My handsome hunter!

We had fun while he was away, but we were sure happy and excited to see him when he got home after 10 days away!


  1. Wow, Shana you've been busy getting lots of pictures posted. Soooo CUTE!! They sure are making me homesick for my grandkidlets! My KNEE needs to get better soon so I can fly down again for a "quickie!"

  2. As always Shana....great pictures of all of you. Keep up the good work! Always enjoy your blogging.

  3. awww... cute blog post title... luuuuurve the pumpkin patch outfits.. omigosh! joe's scenery shots are sooo pretty!