Thursday, November 18, 2010

A few more...

This was still before Joe got home from hunting... We all got in our jammies early and had a movie night together!

So cute in their matching Camo jammies!

Joe was home in time for our Special Meetings and to enjoy the company of Uncle Harold... Chloe and Eli loved him, of course!

I thought I'd include a picture of Sammy crying... He is still the perfect baby, but even perfect babies cry!

This picture shows off Sammy's double chin quite nicely!

Photos by Chloe again... Eli laying down with their babies!

Pretty good picture of Sam! (by Chloe)

Sweet boy!

Loving the smiles!!


  1. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! Love ALL the pictures you've posted, plus Chloe's! She's getting to be quite the little photographer! Mmmmm, do you think she will become a world famous photographer?

  2. Great pictures Shana! That picture of Harold with the kidlets is'll love having those when the kids are older and you do their scrapbooks. They're so sweet in their camo jammies too. Yes, Chloe is doing great taking pictures...and the beauty of it all with digital is you can erase or save...whatever you want!

  3. hahaha, oh these are funny! harold is soooo funny. love that man. i'll never forget the first i remember meeting this man he told me and derek to have a terrible day at school every morning... i remember not knowing what exactly to think... :) love all the sammy poses