Sunday, January 30, 2011

January is here and gone!!

 Well this first month of the year has just been a bunch of regular days, which is fine with us, although I wouldn't mind if the fog decided to take a little hiatus!! I'm ready for a little sunshine!

Elijah was having fun with Bill.  He stayed with us for a night before he went back to his field.

Trying to get a picture of these three is turning out to be quite tricky!!

Someone is always doing something or looking the wrong way... But they're still cute!

This is Sam's newest thing... Sticking his tongue out! He does it all the time... That and drooling all over everything!

Oh yeah, and smiling too!!

And even a little crying!!! All in the space of a few minutes!!

And we're back to where we began!!

Even though it's been gray and foggy the kids have loved taking their bikes out front and riding around for as long as Sammy and I will let them!!

Eli absolutely loves riding his bike and wanted to sleep with his bike in his room, but we convinced him to just sleep with his helmet instead!

Off they go!

Tongue sticking out always means some serious concentrating is going on!

Eli is really good at going, but not so good at stopping!!

  What's up Mom?

Sweet boy Sammy!

This picture really reminds me of Joe's baby pictures!

Another thing that Sammy has been doing lately is sucking on his lower lip!! It's so cute!

These 2 cuties turned 3!!!

Blowing out their candles!!


Chloe wiggling her loose tooth!  She first came to me saying that something was wrong with her tooth!  I didn't expect her to lose a tooth so soon, so I had to explain to her that she'll lose all her baby teeth and get new big ones and that it's nothing to worry about!

Yum!! My helper

Getting every last drop!

Having fun with friends!


Checking each other out!!

Buddies since birth!!

Wow! My big girl lost her 1st baby tooth!!  She came into our room at about 5 am on a Sunday morning with her tooth hanging by a thread, so I helped her pull it out and, and very groggily told her to go back to bed, but not to expect the tooth fairy since she had already went home for the night, but that if she put her tooth under her pillow later that night the tooth fairy would be sure and come then!!

Don't shoot...oh- okay, I guess just one more picture!!

Chloe is back in ballet and is so excited and loving it!!

They are learning the ballet positions and she is adorable!!

Chloe having a blast sashaying!!

This is the next age group and they do tap too, which is just about the cutest and funniest thing ever!!

When we got home Eli wanted to know where his dance shoes were... So I put thumb tacks in his dress shoes and he and Chloe danced around for the rest of the day!! I should have taken a video- next time I will!!

So that's been our January... How's yours been?


  1. Well, I guess my post didn't post after all!!! Wonder what happened there? I love all of the pictures. They are just so cute! The pictures of the kids riding their bikes makes them look so big! Chloe looks like she is really into ballet. I'm sure the tap dancing is quite the ruckus with all the kids tapping their toes all at different times!!! I can just imagine all the clicking heels!! Sammy is ADORABLE! His eyes are HUGE. And the one with him sucking on his lower lip is so cute! Can't wait to see you all next week!

  2. Don't know what it is about these pictures but all three of your kids seem to be growing and changing and getting cuter, which I didn't think was possible since they have always been adorable! Love the ballet pictures:)

  3. I love love love these pictures. Lijee on the bike and chloe doing her tap. and I especially love Sammy looking exactly like "the bubs". Thanks for posting. You are such a good mom. How we (us Strassburgs) get so lucky.) xoxo

  4. love all the pictures you have posted...just gives us a peek into your life! What a cute, sweet, busy little family. So glad you're taking pictures and journaling it and sharing it with the rest of us...The kids are such cute dollie cakes! Makes you just want to hug them all!