Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rewind to November!

The months are just flying by, and if I'm ever going to get this blog caught up I figure I had better try and get November done with in one big long post!! Luckily it was a pretty uneventful month, so there isn't a lot to report, but that doesn't mean I didn't take any pictures, so there will be plenty of those!

We got a tree for the front yard (a twig, really!) so the kids had a blast helping Joe dig around in the mud!

 You can't really tell, but Eli has splattered mud all over himself!

What a sweet smile on a dirty face!

Lately keeping Eli in clothes has become more of a challenge!!  We are that really classy family with dirty, diapered toddlers running around our front yard!

Don't forget the tattoo... Oh yeah, and a pink shovel!!

I had to get a picture of Sammy in his cute camo pajamas!!

This hat never fit Eli as a baby, but Sammy can squeeze it on!

Chloe is still loving ballet as you can tell from this picture!

One Sunday afternoon everyone else was taking a nap while I got to spend some time alone with this sweet boy!!

He was being so sweet and full of expressions that I couldn't stop taking pictures!

What big eyes you have, my dear!

He's such a handsome little fellow, and I just love him to pieces!

This was how Sammy spent our Thanksgiving meal, which was actually quite nice for me since that way I could fully enjoy all the delicious food!!

This year Thanksgiving was at Don and Eve's, and as you can see we had plenty of yummy food!

We were so glad Marila made the long drive up!

It was fun to hear Eve and her sisters tell stories about when they were girls!!

Papa in his easy chair!

Carl enjoying a piece of pie!

Grandma Ruth smiles for the camera!

And of course, there was a lot of baby holding!

I finally got a picture of Eli and Sammy in their matching shirts!! Usually Sammy would poop on get his shirt dirty before I could snap a picture!

Elijah is such a sweet and loving older brother... His thing right now, is that whenever Sammy is crying he says in a high sweet voice "shhh, shhh, it's okay, shhh it's okay!"  It's so cute!

Chloe being a girly girl combing her hair... She always wears her headbands like a spot light!! So funny!

We got to see Gayla and Randy since they were in town for Thanksgiving!! The kids had a blast playing with Gayla!

Makyela holding sweet boy!

Of course, the guys talking trucks and whatever else they talk about!

Thanksgiving weekend we went to the Dickens Festival in Old Elk Grove

It was a really cold and rainy day so we didn't go until later in the day, which means we missed a lot of the major stuff, but the kids didn't know any better and had a fun time anyway!

A little petting zoo and pony rides!

Eli loving it!!  The man brought the kids one at a time to the pony's and he took Chloe first, so of course Eli started crying thinking that he wasn't going to get to ride the pony's... When the man came back for Eli he told him he couldn't cry because he would scare the pony's! Eli wiped his eyes and sucked it up so fast it was comical!!

Chloe waving to Mommy!

I had to throw in a few more ballet pictures... This was from her last class for this session...  She will start back up in January!

Always smiling and talking!! That's what I notice about Chloe in her class!

And that was our November... Now to get December caught up before Christmas... That would really be doing something!!


  1. You have the cutest kids! Just wish we lived closer...I know Cora would want to hang out with Chloe all the time (and learn some ballet from her)!! Loved looking at your pictures:)

  2. i love your children Shana. They are so much fun! Chloe & her love of ballet kinda makes me melt. She is one social butterfly! & it's so precious that Eli is really loving his new role as 'big brother.' & let it be known that our future kids will NEVER be associated with class. HAHAH. they will be crazy wild hippie children that aren't wearing socks when they should be, etc. i kinda wish i could pretend i was pulled together, but it's hopeless i think:)