Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Leading up to Christmas...

We did some holiday crafting!

Chloe had been begging me to use the craft stuff Grammy gave her in Palm Springs!

Glitter covered fingers!

His serious concentrated face on

As much glue as possible was used in the making of this project!

Their finished creations...with a little Mom help on the side!

A little practice posing for holiday pictures!

A little holiday baking with help from my two favorite elves!!

They loved throwing the almonds!

A fun night of holiday movie watching!

A little holiday decor to really get us in the spirit!

A little snuggling on the couch!

And finally the night they have been waiting for has arrived... Listening for Santa's bells!

It's so fun to see the joy of Christmas on all the kids faces!

Santa brought one gift for all the kids on Christmas eve...

Eli was so cute-all night he kept thinking he heard Santa and kept wanting us to listen for him!!

Santa on his way to all the other little boys and girls houses!

I LOVE this time of year... Some people talk about getting sick of Christmas music and tired of it all, but not me!! I love it all and am glad that we get to stretch out our Christmases each year so that we can celebrate Christmas with my family too!!


  1. Loved "sharing" in your Christmas with you...thanks for putting it in pictures! How cool to have Santa come and "visit" then on to all the other little kids! They're so cute at this age when they can understand and still "believe" in the awe of Christmas or the tooth-fairy or the "magic-dust" on St. Patrick's Day...and btw, I am STILL listening to Christmas Music and I love the season! I'm with you!!! :)Happy New Years TONIGHT. The house just shook from a huge explosion... 2 1/2 hours early!

  2. Me too Shana! I love this season:)

  3. So cute Shana- I loved the photo of the glitter covered fingers! Also your dining room table set-up was awesome!!! So bright & cheerY! That's so sweet that Eli was 'listening' for Santa... the time of year + kids is indeed magical;)