Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Cake and Scarlett's 3rd Birthday

I've been pretty slow about updating the blog lately and now it's almost been a month since Scarlett's birthday, but I did want to post these pictures since I'm actually pretty proud of how the cake turned out!  I told Carrie I would make Scarlett's birthday cake for her and I had a lot of fun!  Here is the bottom layer
Here are the dots, threes, and the bow

Bottom, middle, and top layer
The Minnie Mouse ears
Getting closer
Almost done... Just missing the ears! They were still pretty 
floppy even though they had been drying for three days, so
I waited until the last minute to put them on!!
Scarlett's party was at one of those bounce places and the kids loved it!! Chloe making her way up the ladder!
And again!!! She never stopped moving!
She loved this big slide!
Time for cake! Ears on!!
Scarlett's sweet face excited for cake!
Wow! Three years old!


  1. That is amazing!!! It is gorgous you did a fantastic job! Have you been taking classes?

  2. Oh my goodness Shana...that cake is did a great job on it...I am so impressed. I have never worked with that fondant (I think thats what you used?) but I have been so tempted...maybe when I have grandkids I'll get just looks so cool! Glad you're not waiting for grandkids and having fun doing this stuff now. What a fun birthday!

  3. Fantastic cake, I am truly amazed! Looks like it was a fun day by all.

  4. What an awesome cake! you did a great job. I bet that was one happy three year old!

  5. Shana great cake! You are getting so good at these fondant cakes. Cant wait to see your kids cakes for this year :)

  6. that is the neatest cake EVER!!!!

  7. Totally cool cake! It was the hit of the party.

  8. You are amazing.... Maybe you could start a cake making business!!!

  9. ok so it's almost pointless to add my own adjective to this list, but wow! i have to tell you that i too am so impressed! sorry i haven't been keeping up lately, but i'm working on it now! what a cool mama/auntie you are!

  10. A little birdie told me something :-)

  11. #3?!? that's so exciting! I started reading your blog right before #2 was born, so it's kind of funny to think the cycle is already repeating itself. congrats!