Friday, February 26, 2010

When we're bored...

we build forts!!
The kids love playing in them and they help make staying
inside fun when it rain, rain, rains!!
See how fun they are!! 
monkey see, monkey do!! :)


  1. I soooooo remember the kids making forts with the chairs and blankets. Wait til they discover the folding tables...then they really make elaborate forts...they start out "small" and then make a whole maze of forts with the tables and chairs and blankets and it really keeps em occupied on those rainy days when they can't be outside playing. Such fun!

  2. when i saw you had 1 comment on this post, i was like, "i bet it's my mom!" and sure enough... forts were HUGE for us! not sure what it is about covered spaces that feels so fun & exciting, but it was!