Friday, February 26, 2010

Disney on Ice again!!

Disney on Ice was here again, but this time it wasn't just the princess stories, so the kids and I met Nicole and the two little boys she nannys for the show!!

Eli did really well and was actually more antsy the first part of the show!

I only took pictures of the Cars part of the show, but
we also saw Arial, the Lion King, and Tinkerbell!
The cars were pretty cool looking!

Lightning McQueen!!
Eli loved the cars, of course!! 
All out on the ice at once
Nicole, Tyler, and Spencer
Chloe with her Tinkerbell hat... It "came
with" the cotton candy!!
The kids had fun, and so did Nicole and I!


  1. Looks like great fun! It's coming to Austin in April & we got tickets yesterday! Can't wait. Thanks for the sneak preview. :)

  2.'s already been a year ago that you went last time? Where does the time fly...I remember commenting on here last time you went. The older the kids get the more fun they have...and it's so much fun for the adults too. Neat that Nicole could come with the two she nanny's for.

  3. I love Disney on Ice!! One Valentines Day, Dave took me to Portland and saw "Alladin"

  4. wow, i still really need to get to my FIRST disney on ice show one of these years=) so fun looking! i would totally get the cotton candy just for the cool tinkerbell hat alone! how fun!