Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pee Wee Soccer!

It's done and over with now, but I signed Chloe up for a little soccer class through our community activities for the month of November. It was really funny to watch all these little kids trying to kick and chase a soccer ball around!!

Eli was too little for the class, but he was always trying to play with the big kids!!

Showing us his moves!

Gotta stretch and warm up those muscles!!

Some more warm up!

This is Chloe's least favorite part of soccer! They called it "little kicks," but I think it was basically dribbling. Whenever they did this part of the class Chloe would start out okay and then if her ball went too far from her she would come running over to me crying and saying she didn't want to do it!!

What a cute little spectator!

Getting ready to play soccer!

Here comes Chloe!!

This was hysterical!! They would go running around and around the gym!!


  1. How cute...what a great way to get their energy out, get some great exercise and actually learn just a teeny bit of soccer. Our boys loved soccer and played for several years...I think they were in kindergarten when they started're brave to start her so young...poor Eli would have probably done just fine in the class too..but know he was too young! Looks like it was fun.

  2. Her little outfit is so cute! She looks looks like such a grown up girl! Mia, Luke and Eli can all sign up too, when they are old enough, how fun!!

  3. That's a wonderful idea! Looks like fun!

  4. So fun to see all your pictures! Love the wreath chandelier in your dining room!! Very crafty! Your kids are so cute. I have a feeling our Chloe's would have quite a bit of fun together!!

  5. Wow Shana,
    The kids are growing so fast....course I've been gone for 2 months but I really see their cute!

  6. How fun...Cora sees Chloes pictures and keeps saying "chloe nice, see chloe 'gain".