Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our First Week with Sammy!

Welcomed home by big sis!

Grammy made a cake for Eli and Chloe to decorate!
I'm sure more eating than decorating was taking place though!!

B-I-G Yawn!!

Auntie Alyssa, Mia and Luke all stopped by to see baby Sammy before heading to the circus!!

Mom, Eve, Alyssa, and Cari all took the big kids to the circus!

Looks like they all had fun!

Valerie stopped by to see baby Sam as she 
anxiously awaited her own little bundle of joy!

Audrey and her girls stopped by too- Natalie holding Sammy

Kelsie's turn!

Eli loves his little brother!! He is always kissing him and tickling him!!

Here Chloe is tickling Sammy's toes!
Look at that sweetness!

Not many pictures of Grammy... She was
probably so busy cooking and cleaning and
helping with the older kids we didn't snap
many of her holding the newest grandbaby!!
I SO love having her here those first few days!!

Sammy is about the best baby I could ask for!!
He is so content all the time!

I could look at him all day!
I thought this was so funny!! They came out wearing hats and waving their nets, telling us they were butterfly hunters!!

There they go!

Chubby cheeks!

Snug in his jammies!

Auntie Brynna flew down for a few days too!

Sweet sleeping baby!

All this sleeping is hard work!

Elijah taking a picture

All ready for Wednesday night meeting!

Elijah kissing Sammy!

Chloe thought it was SO funny to make Sammy pick his nose!

Daddy and Sammy



  1. Your babies are all so precious! Isn't it nice to be home? And I agree, hooray for mothers of mothers :-) Congrats again!

  2. Love all the pictures... Looks like he won't be lacking any love and affection:)) cute, cute, cute!

  3. What a little sweetie! Can't wait to come see him....hopefully sometime soon!

  4. Oh MY Word, Shana...THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting all these super pictures! I especially like the one of your "mother dear!!!" I know I'm not very photogenic, BUT SURELY YOU HAD A BETTER ONE THAN THAT!!!

  5. Ha ha Martine...don't we just LOVE pictures of ourselves? NOT!!!!!! But the kidlets are just so cute! Love seeing all the pictures of Sammy too....thought it was cute "Sammy in his jammies"....he looks so much like Eli when he was tiny! like brother like brother! Glad you're posting even when you're a busy mama....its lots of work...I know! Love ya....Auntie Pam

  6. yes!!! i'm totally proud of you too for posting in spite of being a busy mommy!! you have had so many lovely visitors- how awesome!!! & totally awesome that mama gets to come hang out & help... works out great for both of you!!! i love it!! (take note mother dearest... haha, i know you will be there in a heartbeat so i kid) ;) sammy is so precious... we have a package for the kids... hoping to send it out on monday...!!!!

  7. k i didn't get the chance to add a note in your pkg that the boots are for chloe- i'm sure you would've figured it out. i blogged about them awhile ago & mom suggested i send them to chloe- if she doesn't like them, maybe you know someone that would?:) do with them as you please tho. on a sidenote- they're from new orleans. just a fun fact.